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ScreenDSS Colitis Resistance
Posted On03/17/2017 3:19 PM
AuthorEmre Turer
Reagents and Solutions
1 % (w/v) Dextran sulfate sodium salt (MW: 36,000-50,000 Da; MP Biomedicals) in autoclaved drinking water. Store at 4°C until use.
There are three groups of mice: C57BL/6J mice on regular water, C57BL/6J mice on DSS-water, and G3 mice on DSS-water.
1.       On day 1, weigh each mouse two times.
2.       After initial weight measurement, replace the drinking water in appropriate mouse cages with DSS-water. Estimate 10 ml of DSS-water per mouse per day. Control mice receive the same water without DSS.
3.       Weigh all mice on each subsequent day at the same time of day for a total of seven days. Refresh DSS-water every 7 days.
4.       Calculate the percentage of initial body weight for each day of the experiment based on the weight measured on day 1.